Modern Workflow Development Platform

Dagogo© simplifies the development and deployment of complex EDA workflows by allowing customers to easily create complex automation that executes concurrent and sequential computation steps in multiple flows throughout the chip design cycle. Dagogo’s core ​technologies minimize workflow execution ​time and compute costs by eliminating ​unnecessary computation, sharing of ​compute results, pass/fail prediction, ​intelligent job prioritization, etc.

Advanced features and technologies​ such as cloud-ready, ML-ready, and ​runtime fail-safe measures come ​standard, allowing engineers to shift ​their focus from flow development to​ value-added design activities.

Design workflows are captured using Dagogo’s ​Application Programming Interface (API) as​​ Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAG) with connected tasks​ and data dependencies. The API allows users to manage job scheduling, dispatching, and monitoring.

Accelerate Chip Design at Lower Costs

Dagogo is a robust framework designed specifically for the semiconductor industry. With its advanced framework, CAD teams can easily create flat or hierarchical design flows for a single IP block or an entire SoC. The framework allows customers to focus on meeting project goals and significantly reduces operational expenses through adopting and customizing Dagogo’s reference flows. With Dagogo, you’ll have everything you need to streamline your design process and achieve success in the highly competitive world of semiconductors

Reduce Chip Development Cost

Dagogo’s execution engine eliminates unnecessary computation jobs and enables sharing previously computed results. This leads to faster turnaround time, higher compute throughput, fewer tool licenses, and lower infrastructure spending.

Easy and Secure Collaboration

Collaborate seamlessly and securely with third-party partners, including IP providers, EDA tool vendors, and manufacturing service partners. Dagogo’s collaboration framework simplifies the steps required for debugging issues with third-party partner.

Accelerate Time-to-Market​

Flow executions can be scaled across on-premises, and the cloud computes resources to manage peak usage. Management of IP exposure on cloud resources is built in with Dagogo

Higher Quality of Product​

Engineering teams can increase confidence in compute results from their flows as Dagogo tracks all input sources, including your IPs, tests, tool configuration files, test data files, etc.

Built for​ Chip Development

The Dagogo platform comes with abundant features for creating workflows, saving your team to write tens of thousands of lines of code as in traditional script- and makefile-based solutions.

Zero-Waste Compute™

Intelligently predicts compute outcomes​ and executes jobs only when new and meaningful results are expected.​

Computation Reuse​™

Dagogo manages flow input & output dependencies and tool configurations to enable sharing of already computed flow results between multiple users, teams, and sites. ​

Flow of Trust​™

Dagogo’s execution engine directly interfaces with SCM to fetch the input dependencies. This fundamental feature enables workflow Traceability and Reproducibility.​

Flow-defined Collaboration™

Dagogo’s collaborative features enable geographically distributed teams to work together seamlessly, including flow-defined task-level reuse and sharing and auto-packaging of task artifacts with managed access control.

Cloud Ready​

Dagogo’s execution engine is built with essential fail-safe and resilience features to eliminate run-away and zombie jobs from tying up licenses and compute resources.​

Fail-Safe Monitor​

Dagogo’s execution engine directly interfaces with SCM to fetch the input dependencies. This fundamental feature enables workflow Traceability and Reproducibility.​

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