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End-to-End Emulation and Prototyping Flow​

ProtoForge is an end-to-end solution designed specifically for hardware emulation, including emulators and FPGA boards. ProtoForge addresses all aspects of emulation flow, including design compilation, emulator selection, and regression tests. Additionally, it enables the seamless development of SW on the emulation and prototype platforms.


Comprehensive Emulation and Prototyping Flow

ProtoForge provides a comprehensive, end-to-end solution for achieving effective emulation, including flows and automation for all process stages, from design compilation to regression testing.

ProtoForge is a complete emulation management solution for core, subsystem, and SoC designs. ProtoForge supports multiple emulation use models, including Signal-Based Acceleration, Transaction-Based Acceleration, Frame-Based TBA, Virtual-ICE, and ICE.

Emulation teams can deploy multiple builds in parallel and manage regressions on emulsion platforms effectively. ProtoForge simplifies managing hardware and software compilation, image format conversion, loading tests onto the emulator, and stopping designs.

Emulation Workload Management

ProtoForge, can synthesize designs for emulator hardware, compile and elaborate testbenches on the simulator, launch tests onto target emulators, and execute test cases in parallel.

ProtoForge utilizes the Compile Once Run Many (CORUM) methodology to share the synthesized database for multiple tests in parallel. Allowing multiple users and teams to access the database and run tests simultaneously.

ProtoForge helps minimize the emulator cost of ownership by improving the effective utilization of the emulator. This is achieved by using compilation techniques to maximize the number of designs that can “fit” the emulator. Additionally, minimize emulation effort by enabling seamless switching between simulators and emulators.

Hybrid Emulation & Prototyping

ProtoForge offers a comprehensive FPGA design and implementation workflow on the cloud. The platform allows customers to run and manage emulation on the cloud while taking advantage of the cloud’s scalability by seamlessly adjusting instances to meet peak demands, specifically AWS-F1.

ProtoForge simplifies emulation on the cloud by integrating cloud instances and cloud-based FPGA instances to enable customers to perform critical steps in the FPGA design process, such as synthesis and place-and-route on the cloud.

ProtoForge simplifies the process of running hardware designs on AWS F1 instances by providing automation for compiling and running designs, integrating with other AWS services, and simplifying the process of scaling hardware designs. By enabling cloud emulation, customers can reduce the total cost of ownership for emulation and prototyping platforms.

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