Optimize Verification Process


Complete Verification Flow & Regression Manager​

Comprehensive solution for managing and tracking design verification process. VeriForge allows verification teams to easily create verification plans, execute regressions, track test coverage, and report on verification results. Collaboration and integration with other tools and processes in the design flow are made simple with VeriForge.

VeriForge is an end-to-end solution designed to help companies streamline their verification process. Our verification flow and regression management solution are built to maximize verification throughput, minimize costs, and achieve the highest efficiency.

Upgrade to VeriForge to experience the benefits of an efficient, streamlined verification process. BCI team will help accelerate the adoption of VeriForge by customizing it for your unique requirements.


Complete design verification life-cycle management solution

VeriForge enables verification teams to adopt a “Continuous Verification” methodology across multiple simulation platforms for core, subsystem, and SoC designs at RTL and gate levels.

VeriForge provides data analytics for efficient verification tracking and sign-off, including Unified Verification Metrics™

To optimize for costs VeriForge can be customized to be simulator-agnostic. Additionally, it can be customized to add formal, lint, and other simulator tools.

Cost-Based Verification Workload Management

VeriForge is powered by Dagogo’s advanced technology that optimizes and manages job executions to guarantee the fastest verification convergence with minimal compute cost.

Offers control over regression tests, debugging capabilities, resource sharing, and collaboration enhancements for dispersed teams.

Verification teams can scale out their compute needs for verification on the cloud without building a cloud management infrastructure for EDA.

Big Data and ML Aware Platform

VeriForge uses historical data to provide a prioritized test list that gives the best coverage results in the fastest time, thereby improving regression efficiency.

VeriForge’s built-in intelligence predicts optimized machine resource parameters and actively learns from past options to improve job execution predictability.

Seamlessly connects various verification tools during project execution, links all input and output data, and provides valuable insights about design quality with multiple verification metrics.

Failure Analysis and Triage

Accelerate your failure analysis and triage process with VeriForge, as it eliminates the tedious process of using hardcoded error message regex.

VeriForge’s triage feature offers an intuitive user interface to classify error messages and analyze failures. VeriForge’s intelligent job management can dump waveforms for only a few test cases, saving time and resources

Accelerate debug tasks by enabling auto rerun to reproduce failures with waveforms.

Advanced Metrics and Sign-off Methodologies

VeriForge unifies coverage across different vendor tools into the “Unified Coverage Interoperability Standard (UCIS),” enabling teams to collaborate and achieve coverage goals quickly.

VeriForge’s intelligent regression provides real-time feedback on coverage, allowing teams to identify which tests contribute to coverage. Further VeriForge can stop regressions once the coverage threshold has been reached, reducing the time and resources used for coverage convergence.

VeriForge provides seamless collaboration for coverage closure, tracks coverage trends, and visualizes design quality with its coverage model per design tag. It enables storing complete simulation data without requiring the development of additional in-house tools

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